Author: Liam

  • Day 6: Golden

    Day 6: Golden

    Day 6’s word I quite enjoyed, as golden can be viewed as a quality as well as an object or a description. My thoughts to make a black and white drawing seem ‘golden’ was to draw something that would resemble a medieval representation of the sun. I quite enjoyed this one, I however enjoyed my…

  • Day 5: Map

    Day 5: Map

    Map is an interesting work to work off of, and yet I struggled to think of anything for a while. I ended up drawing this visage that was supposed to look like a topographical map. It was looking good but too simple which is why I decided to add the hatching, not that I think…

  • Day 4: Dodge

    Day 4: Dodge

    I struggled quite a bit for this day, dodge is a strange word to try and visualise. Lots of movement and action comes to mind. I however thought about how one could ‘dodge’ rain. Not my greatest idea, but I don’t hate how it came out. Nice and simple.

  • Day 3: Path

    Day 3: Path

    Day 3’s word made me think of the definition of a path. It is the direction and/or way that one goes, it is a logic, it is a method. A way forwards. This made me think of how we each have our own ‘path’ in life that is solely our own to walk, much like…

  • Day 2: Spider

    Day 2: Spider

    I have quite the connection with spiders, I feel like they follow me around to remind me that I am a weaver and a creator. This particular type of spider I feel like I have a special connection with, that being the Goldenrod CrabSpider. This species of spider have evolved to look like flowers, so…

  • Day 1: Dream

    Day 1: Dream

    The first day of Inktober 2023 Inktober is a big reason as to why I have such a love for ink-working and drawing. This challenge is the main reason I developed a massive joy for the ink medium. The prompt for day 1 was : dream. I decided to draw some things that I have…

  • Prompt Drawing

    Prompt Drawing

    This marks the beginning of a series of drawings I will be posting here, sometimes with an accompanied video of the drawing process. I am doing this to improve my drawing skills as well as generate some kind of outset for my creative practices! These drawings will all be inspired by a list of interesting…